April 2020 Scent Box

If you’re stuck inside it better smell good!  April brings both showers and Easter, both of which are complemented with amazing scents. This month’s scents include notes of bergamot, various woods, all topped off with some sweets such as confectionery sugar.  All of a sudden staying in isn’t so bad afterall.

April Showers Scents | West Avenue Home

Marshmallow Bunnies

This time of year you see cute little marshmallow bunnies covered in sugar in kids’ Easter baskets all throughout the nation, and they smell great!  You will love the scent of fluffy and sweet marshmallows compounded with soft butterwhipped creamcreamy coconut, and confectionery sugar.

April Showers

Spring brings refreshing and delightful scents, and so does this scent.  April Showers masterfully blends light fruity notes of bergamot and watermelon with mid notes of jasminegeranium, and rain accord, and base notes of musksoftwoods, and patchouli

Spring Fresh

Like fresh clothes on the clothing line, this scent will bring a unique and refreshing scent to your home. Combining notes of fresh powder accord and bergamot, this scent blends sweet and invigorating mid notes of roseviolet, and fresh accord with undernotes of precious woods and sandalwood.

Peanut Butter Eggs

These sweet and tasty wax melts blend two delicious scents to create a childhood favorite. This scent includes top notes of chocolate chip, mid notes of chocolate ganeshpureed peanuts, and German melted chocolate, and completed with the essential base note of creamy vanilla.

April Showers Wax Melt Box

If you’re like us and love filling your home with delicious scents, you can get amazing scent boxes of of wax melts like the ones above delivered directly to your home or office each month. Check out our monthly subscription, become a subscriber, and save 20% on all future purchases to include additional subscriptions.

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