How Scented Wax Melts Work

Wax melts or wickless candles are a great alternative to traditional wick-burning candles as they provide sensational scents to your living area without the open flame. This is a safe and responsible choice when providing eco-friendly and amazing aromas to your home or office.

These aroma dispersing melts are super easy to use and it only takes a couple of items to get started. After giving them a shot we’re confident you won’t go back to ordinary wick-burning candles.

What is needed to melt wax?

Getting started with wax melts is incredibly easy. You will need only two things to spread delightful scents throughout your living space-

  • Wax warmer
  • Wax melts

Unlike traditional candles, wax melts don’t require matches or a lighter to introduce heat; however, they do require a wax warmer. A wax warmer, also known as a wax melter, is a device to create heat to melt wax contained in a basin. This melted wax is what gives off the desired scent similar to candles. These warmers come in various designs, sizes, and colors, but generally all accomplish the same thing. They can be either electric, which warms the wax with a incandescent light bulb (notice, you cannot use an LED bulb as it does not put off enough heat), or tealight, which warms the wax by lighting a tealight in place of a light bulb. Both are great for melting wax, but for safety reasons we recommend electric wax melters.

The heart and soul of the scent, a wax melt is simply a candle without a container or wick. It does not take much wax to introduce amazing aromas to your space – typically 0.5-1.0 ounces of wax is more than enough. These melts which also come in varying shapes and sizes can be purchased individually or through our monthly scented wax melt subscription box in which you can try new scents each month.

What do I do with wax melts?

You gone and done it. You purchased a wax warmer to put your senses into over drive. What do you do now? All there is to do now is add approximately 1oz of wax (typically 1-2 cubes) to the wax basin in the wax melter, and turn the melter on. That’s it!

Keep in mind it should take around 10-15 minutes for the melter to heat up, begin to melt the wax, and ultimately give off its scent. You should be able to continue to melt the wax for around 5-10 cumulative hours before it begins to lose its scent. Results may vary, some waxes last shorter/longer and some will be weaker/stronger – it is up to you to determine what you like.

Tip! You can re-use wax melts several times assuming they still have scent remaining.

No more scent, so now what?

Your wax melt is no longer generating scent and/or you are ready to move onto another scent. You simply dispose of your used wax from the basin and replace it with fresh wax.

You don’t want to get scalded by hot wax, so wait until the wax is completely cooled off and hardened, then scrape it out of the basin. You can now add in a new melt to the basin.

Tip: Heat-safe silicone wax dishes are a great way to *pop* out old wax without having the scrape it out. Super easy and clean!

If you’re just starting out with wax melts we hope this brief tutorial helps you out. You should have an idea of what you need, what to do with them, and how to move onto the next scent when you’re ready. You can find out more information by visiting our frequently asked questions or just drop us a line and ask whatever you’d like.

‘Tis the Season for These Six Amazing Christmas Scents

This is, without question, our favorite time of the year. The festivities, delicious food, friends and family, and of course the scents. There are so many scents that bring back memories from our childhood. Whether you gravitate towards the sweeter baked goods such as cinnamon rolls or your thing is the natural scents such as the sparkling embers of a cozy fireplace, there is always a Christmas scent to get your senses going.

We’ve polled our friends across various social media platforms and came up with a list of the 6 most-liked and most-requested Christmas scents. Some of these were foreseen, but others might just surprise you.

Lively Christmas Balsam Pine

This comes as no surprise; filling in the top slot of Christmas scents is the one we’ve all come to love and remember – the fresh fragrance of a green Christmas tree gracing our living room. While there are numerous scents that encompass the living space during this time (some of those we will cover in a few), the Christmas tree always stands out among the crowd.

Santa’s Christmas Cookies

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some baking, right? Especially for Ol’ Saint Nick. I don’t know about you, but we’ve always left cookies and ice cold milk out on Christmas even for the jolly guy. This scent gives the warm home feeling of sugar cookies coming straight out of the oven. Combine this holiday favorite with the Douglas Fir, and you’ve essentially recreated my living room on Christmas eve.

Fresh Baked Cinnamon Rolls

Every family has their traditions and the cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning were definitely one of ours. Waking up to a pile of presents under the tree while mom baked cinnamon rolls was a staple in our household. Sure, this fragrance is good for any day of the year, but it definitely sticks out as a Christmas morning favorite.

100% Caffinated

Another Christmas morning favorite, the scent of a fresh-brewed cappuccino was right there next to the cinnamon rolls competing for your senses. Also a candidate for your wax melter any time of the year, 100% Caffinated brings the roasted scent of a carafe filled to the brim with the dark-colored pick-me-up beverage.

Fireside Fun

Everyone loves a warm fire on a cold December day, but even if you don’t have a fireplace of your own, you can still have the scent of one! Even without the heat, Fireside fun brings the rustic scent and the warmth of a crackling fire to your living space.

Peppermint Wonderland

Honestly, this scent should have been #1 based on our polls, but that was too easy. The sweet scent of peppermint filling your home will get you buzzing with the Christmas spirit. This scent will complement any Christmas decor you have to make your space a truly amazing Christmas wonderland!

This sextet of scents are sure to get your Christmas jingles going! Whether you are in the mood for some fresh-baked treats or more of the traditional and natural scents of the season, there is definitely a wide range of options. And as for our monthly subscription box, don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging. I think you will find the scents will grace your home and mezmerize your family during this holiday season.

Five of the Best Autumn Scents to Set Your Living Space Apart from the Rest

Halloween is behind us, Thanksgiving is around the corner, and Christmas is already banging down the door. It’s starting to get cooler out which means the leaves are changing colors, time to break out the jackets, and of course the warm succulent scents of the season!

We’ve composed a list of some of our favorite scents that inspire the season and hold you over until the Christmas invasion.

Fresh Baked Pumpkin Strudel

Some say pumpkin is out and over played. We don’t think so. Sure it is a recurring scent that comes around this time of year, but that doesn’t make it any less pleasant. The sweet aroma of a freshly baked pumpkin strudel coming out of the oven is sure to have your family and friends thinking your baking and get their mouths watering.

Grandma’s Apple Pie

There’s nothing quite like the combination of apple and cinnamon in Grandma’s Apple Pie. These two go together like Bonnie and Clyde or coffee and donuts (yum, there’s an idea!). With their powerful scents complementing one another, they’re sure to make a lasting impression throughout your home or office – or grandma’s house.

Autumn Cedar

The baked goods are definitely welcomed this time of year, but there’s another aroma that comes to mind as well. Autumn Cedar brings a warm, comforting, and sweet cedar infused scent to your home. This scent will inspire the likes of a warm fireplace on a cool afternoon.

Lightly Toasted Marshmallow

This sweet scent of marshmallows being toasted over a flickering flame has the potential to completely mesmerize your guests. Start a fire and put these melts in your burner and relax with the marshmallow scent infused with freshly cut mahogany to stimulate your senses.

Warm Apple Cider

Last, but surely not least, warm apple cider wraps up our list of the best Autumn scents. This combination of apple, cinnamon, and vanilla sparks your senses and creates the perfect chaser to all of the other baked good scents previously listed.

These are just some of the best, yet most unique sense on the market this autumn. A great way to pull these scents together and complement each other is to use each of them in separate rooms. As you walk through the house you will be stunned as your senses transform from room to room giving you the feeling of an autumn paradise. If you are interested in trying some of these out or other amazing aromas be sure to sign up for our subscription box and be surprised month after month with tantalizing scents to stimulate your senses.

An Eco-friendly Choice of Wax Melts

Many are not aware that there are various types of wax melts you can burn in your scent warmer. Not only are there various types of wax, not all of them are created equally.

The two major types of wax most commonly found in retail shops and online are paraffin wax and soy wax. Both have their advantages as well as their disadvantages, but ultimately it is up to you to decide what you want melting in your home. Here at West Avenue Home we use a soy-based wax which is healthier and better for the environment.

Not only do our scents last longer and smell better (for starters), they’re the healthier and the more environmentally-friendly choice of wax melts. We use 100% soy wax in all of our products which has a proven record to be both better for you and your family as well as sustainable for the environment – unlike big box stores and brands that use paraffin, a petroleum-based wax for their scents and candles. Sure paraffin may be a cheaper alternative to soy-based products, but do you really want to expose your family and the environment to oil-based paraffin? We didn’t think so.

Instead of breathing in the oil vapors of other paraffin-based wax brands, we’ve chosen to use Akosoy Wax 5716-00-04. Soy wax is non-toxic unlike paraffin-based wax melt counterparts. Paraffin has 11 known toxins, 2 of which are carcinogens, so our cleaner burning, soy-based wax melts provide a healthier alternative to the common melts at most stores. In essence, we will never sell something as dangerous for you and your household as paraffin.

Not only is soy-based wax better for you, it’s biodegradable and better for the environment. Paraffin is petroleum based, composed of oil which is not biodegradable. You don’t want to introduce that stuff to the environment, let alone your family and friends when you burn it. With soy, feel free to dump it in the trash when you’re done with it as it will degrade with the rest of the organic materials. We will cover some interesting re-purposing of wax in a later post. These are just two reasons to choose soy-based wax melts over paraffin wax melts.

Additionally, soy wax also melts at a lower temperature and throws scents better – all reasons we only use soy-based waxes in our wax melts. Look after the planet, look after yourself, and take a moment to think about what you melt inside of the walls of your home.