December 2019 Scent Box

One of the most delightful boxes of the year for our subscribers, the December 2019 scented wax melt box inspires our subscribers with elegant scents that highlight the season. For this box we try to balance the expected aromas without being overly cliche. With that, lets show you what is in store for the December 2019 scent box!

Lively Christmas Balsam Pine

It would not be Christmas without the amazing and sparkling scent of a freshly cut pine! This holiday classic scent brings the aroma of a live tree to your living room without the hassle of regularly adding water and cleaning up pine needles.

Fireplace Warmth

This unique blend of sweet and woody musk will bring a warm, cozy, and inspiring feeling of a seasonal fireplace to the comforts of your home. There is no other scents like this during the holiday season.

Cookies for Santa

A true treat and classic of the holiday season, fresh baked cookies for the Big Guy! These wax melts infuse sweet notes of vanilla blended with a hint of shortbread to give an elegant and vibrant aroma to your living space – almost as if you just pulled a batch of cookies from the oven.

Peppermint Wonderland

This Christmas classic is sure to get you in the holiday spirit with the inspiration of the red and white striped candies. This sweet blend is highlighted with mint and peppermint combined with notes of camphor and mint flower.

To get boxes like this holiday favorite and experience boxes in upcoming months, go and check out our monthly subscription box. Each month we curate a variety of scents to grace your wax melter and ultimately your home. Oh, and also, subscribers save 20% on all purchases and additional subscriptions.

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