January 2020 Scent Box

Coming out of the holiday season is tough enough, but filling your scent warmer doesn’t have to be. With our delightful line up of scents delivered in January’s “New Year” subscription box, your home or office will be graced with amazing aromas. The scented wax melts ringing in the new year include notes of a fine wine, the caffeinated scent of a cappuccino, and a couple melts on the sweeter side.  We think you’re going to love this one as much as us.

Goodbye, Resolutions!

This sweet dose will make you forget all of your New Years resolutions. This sweet treat has base notes of roasted chestnuts with hints of sugar and cinnamon to completely immerse your living space.

The Venti

A large cup of coffee to start off the new year! The invigorating scent of a freshly brewed mocha cappuccino with notes of peppermint throughout will serve as a delicious combination for a morning treat.

Toast to the New Year

Auld Lang Syne! Raise your glass for a toast with this fine Merlot! This fruity blend of cherry, strawberry, and citruspeel with notes of Merlot grapes, rose, and cinnamon complete with base notes of Merlot, wine, and sugar will instill a level of sophistication.

Grandmas’s Apple Pie Moonshine

A throwback to the prohibition era! Grandma is bringing you a fruity blend of apple and peach with undertones of cinnamon, clove, and eucalyptus all on a bed of fir, balsam, and Tonka Bean.

Like what you see? You can get boxes of scents like these delivered directly to your door every month. Check out our monthly subscription, become a subscriber, and save 20% on all future purchases to include additional subscriptions.

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